De topplanten van BEST-select komen regelmatig wel eens in beeld. Niet enkel plantenliefhebbers zullen ze terugvinden in tuincentra of op plantenbeurzen. Ook op de grote markt van een stad kun je ze wel eens bewonderen. We informeren u graag over de actuele initiatieven van BEST-select.

Gold medal for Hydrangea Bobo

PHS (Pennsylvania Horticultural Society) has awarded its Gold Medal to seven exceptional plants in 2021. Gold Medal Plants have been selected for their ease of cultivation, commercial availability and wildlife value.

Plant breeding: how does it work?

BEST Select takes you through the story of processing in tree nurseries. The search for a new and better variety can take up to 10 years of labour-intensive work.

Rose breeding: how does it work?

BEST-select strives to develop and commercialize new products for the product range of the Flemish tree nursery sector. Rose breeding is one of the main fields of expertise of BEST-select.