With the new series “Belli Colori” Best Select puts on the market a range of top-quality hibiscus plants in a variety of colours. The shrubs stand out by their

  • strong growth, up to a height of 2 to 3 metres
  • long blooming period
  • beautiful colour range with striking colour combinations
  • Ideal as solitary shrub or in flowerbeds, but may also be planted in pots; also suited for hedge plantation
  • Pruning is unnecessary but possible according to your personal taste
  • Deciduous shrub


Hibiscus syriacus AZURRI® is the first hibiscus with blue flowers and no seed formation. Just because this plant bears no seed, it continues to grow and bloom for a long time (until the end of September). Deciduous shrub.


  • blue flowers
  • no seed formation
  • strong growth and extended blooming period
  • plant height up to 3m