Our little garden ,ons tuintje’: landscaping and maintenance of a typical Flemish garden

Professional landscapers Marc Galle and Stefan Haerinck transformed a typical Flemish garden into ‘our little garden’, a blossoming, verdant oasis, using BEST-select cultivars. Throughout all four seasons they did the landscaping and maintenance and also provided practical gardening advice. This resulted in a luscious, blooming garden with a touch of green the whole year round, requiring a minimum of maintenance.

A richly blossoming garden in 4 seasons

If you want a touch of green the whole year round, you’d better make the right choices before you start. That is why Marc and Stefan started in winter preparing the layout and selecting the perfect cultivars for a large flowering arch: blossoming plants throughout the whole year. Follow their steps, experience the seasons – and get started. Welcome to our little garden..


Stefan and Marc designed the garden layout and selected the cultivars. Winter maintenance is something you can easily do yourself.


In March landscapers start by preparing the soil and subsequently plant the cultivars.


Most cultivars are blooming abundantly. An overview..


Also in autumn our garden is lush and verdant. Pruning is possible, but not necessary. Discover the charm of an autumn garden.

Our little garden ,ons tuintje’: before and after

Professional landscaper Marc Galle reviews the condition of our little garden. Here you can discover what it looked like before and after the makeover.

The landscapers’ premium choice: BEST-select cultivars

Stefan and Marc’s conception of our little garden consisted in transforming a boring stretch of lawn and introducing a verdant element in every season, They opted for Viburnum plicatum (‘Pinkimono’ and ‘Shirogami’), Hydrangeas (‘Pinky Winky’ and ‘Cloudi’) and Buddleja (‘Argus Velvet’).’ They opted for ligustrum ‘Massif’ as a natural ground cover: fast-growing and very robust. ‘These cultivars all grow leaves very quickly and beautifully’, says Marc.

Finding the perfect cultivars for your garden?