The make-over of a typical flemish garden

Our little garden ‘ons tuintje’ is the work of Marc Galle and Stefan Haerinck, two professional landscapers who take care of every aspect of the typical Flemish garden, across all four seasons. Or rather: they specialize in garden design as well as maintenance. They provide hands-on gardening advice, tips & tricks and expert personalized information on BEST-select cultivars. Would you like to follow them closely, and fully enjoy the seasons, watch the flowers blossom and start with the design and maintenance of your own garden?  Watch and learn, and allow your garden knowledge to grow and blossom together with all this inspiring natural splendour. Welcome to our little garden.

Phase 1: preparing garden landscaping in winter

In this first phase the plans are discussed, the garden layout is determined and the cultivars are selected from the product range of the BEST-select distributor

To the winter season

Phase 2: planting in spring

In March the landscapers started preparing the soil. Think: excavating, digging, bordering and fertilizing. Final step: planting the cultivars.

To the spring season

Phase 3: bloom and maintenance in summer

A few months after planting the cultivars, landscaper Marc Galle came to see our little garden. He provided expert pruning and maintenance advice for the summer season. 

To the summer season

Phase 4: autumn bloom and pruning

Everything is still in full bloom during this fourth and last phase of the project. And that is not just thanks to the warmer temperatures. ‘With the right cultivars in this year garden we have created an all-year green garden’, says landscaper Stefan Haerinck. ‘If you like, you can prune the hedges and ground cover plants, but it is not necessary. An autumn garden also has its charm.’

Discover our little garden in the autumn season

The landscapers’ choice: best-select cultivars

Discover which varieties of flowers, trees and plants were selected by the landscapers. You can also read which is the ideal spot to plant specific cultivars, what time of year is the best to prune them, and how to look after them yourself.


The BEST-select cultivars

What makes the BEST-select cultivars so popular? We put the question to tree grower and BEST-select distributor Hans De Neve of Tree Nursery De Neve. Hans: ‘The cultivars are very compact and blossomy. And what’s even more important: they are very healthy. They allow people to enjoy their gardens in an ecological way without having to spray their plants with chemicals.’ Besides, the Best -select range will also reach its full potential in a smaller garden. ‘You don’t need a huge garden, because their compactness and abundant blossom will also make these plants stand out in a smaller garden.’ And the impact of products on your garden will be minimal. Because that is exactly what Tree Nursery De Neve wants to offer to its customers. ‘Our customers should be able to enjoy their garden the whole year round with a minimum of maintenance. And this is definitely the case with BEST-select cultivars’, says Hans.

To the complete assortment of cultivars

About landscapers Marc & Stefan

Landscaper Marc Galle is a specialist in garden renovation. Working together with his team of WestDreef Tuinaannemingen he inspires his customers and provides advice and guidance on how to get the most of their garden and environment.

Stefan Haerinck, winner of De Vlaamse Tuinaannemer 2020 (2020 Flemish Landscaper Award) and founder of Tuinen Haerinck, is specialised in garden design, landscaping and maintenance. They are both board members of VLAM (Flemish Centre for Agro and Fisheries Marketing).

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