Spring season

During spring season, garden landscaper Stefan Haerinck and his team carried out the necessary preparations to get the ‘our little garden’ makeover project ready for spring. They started by preparing the soil. Think: digging, turning up the soil, edging and fertilizing. The final step in the landscaping process is planting the cultivars. Discover how they did this, which BEST-select cultivars are the most popular, but also why the Ligustrum Massif is the perfect all-round shrub.

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To the winter season

Spring maintenance in your garden

What can you do to prepare your garden for spring? Stefan: ‘You can start by ‘cleaning’ the plants yourself. The plants are waking up from their winter slumber and as soon as the days are getting warmer, they will start to grow fast.’ In practice, this is what you can do:

1.Start weeding. Pick up dead leaves and remove dead plants. Pull out the weed, root and all, or use a hand weeder. The spring sun can cause weeds to grow fast and to flower and form seeds.

2. Pruning. By trimming your hedges and pruning old branches from shrubs or trees, you give your plants a boost and encourage them to grow. They will blossom more fully and abundantly.

3Fertilizing the garden. After mowing your lawn for the first time, you can start fertilizing. Use organic fertilizer from a garden center. Tip: Wait until just before a rain shower to fertilize your lawn, the fertilizer will be absorbed more quickly.

To the summer season

Landscaping your garden planting the right cultivars?

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