Gold medal for Hydrangea Bobo

PHS (Pennsylvania Horticultural Society) has awarded its Gold Medal to seven exceptional plants in 2021. Gold Medal Plants have been selected for their ease of cultivation, commercial availability and wildlife value.

Winners offer multiple seasons of interest for gardeners and are chosen for their hardiness in zones 5 to 7. Among them: our Hydrangea Bobo, in full Hydrangea paniculata Bobo®. A dwarf variety, this heavily flowering shrub is a perfect choice for smaller gardens, terraces or mixed borders. With regular pruning this compact Hydrangea will grow no taller than 60 to 70 cm. It features large conical clusters of white flowers beginning in midsummer (the beginning of July) which fade to pink and persist into the fall (September). This top-class plant does best in a full sun or light shade location. The  Hydrangea Bobo is also resistant to wind and tolerant of hard freezes. In short: a well-deserved winner of the Gold Medal.